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Thursday, September 19, 2013

Princess Neptune/Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh

Character: Princess Neptune/Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh Cosplay
Costumes made by Michiru Jackson
Coser: Michiru Jackson

Left to Right Character, Costumes, Event/Photoshoot, Year, Link of Costume

Princess Neptune- Neptune Gown- Fantasy Quest 2- 2012-

Princess Neptune- Fan Art- Open Photoshoot KMJPG- 2012

Michiru Kaioh- White Casual Dress from Original Series Episode 106- Christmas Eve - 2012-

Michiru Kaioh- Christmas Outfit- Christmas Day- 2012
Michiru Kaioh- Winter Sonata- Photoshoot KMJPG- 2012
Michiru Kaioh- Silent Misery- Photoshoot KMJPG- 2012

Michiru Kaioh- Mugen Gajuen Winter School Uniform- SM Photoshoot- 2013 -

Michiru Kaioh- Mugen Gajuen Summer School Uniform- NCP House of Refuge- 2013 -

Michiru Kaioh- Folka dots Dress- Michiru's Birthday "March 6"- 2013 -

Michiru Kaioh- Pink Longsleeves- Private Shoot- 2013 -

Sailor Neptune- Sailor Neptune Suit- Photoshoot for a Cause- 2013 -

Michiru Kaioh- Pink Night Dress- Private shoot- 2013 -

Michiru Kaioh- White Summer Dress- Photoshoot KMJPG- 2013 -

Michiru Kaioh- Teal Casual Dress- Fan shoot- 2013-

Michiru Kaioh- Fan art- Photoshoot for a Cause- 2013- of now these all my Princess Neptune/Sailor Neptune/Michiru Kaioh cosplay and I still have a lot of cosdreams this year.

Hope you like it my cosplay!

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