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☾ Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation Brooch Tutorial ☽

Sailor Moon Crystal Transformation Brooch Tutorial Materials:
Dough Roller
Clear Color Aerosol Spray Paint
Use Dough Roller to spread out the clay.Use empty cup to shape the clay into circle.Use empty cup again for shaping crescent moon.Combine the clay circle and crescent moon.Roll the clay and cut into 2 pieces of small, medium and large circles.Roll the clay for another big circle and flatten it with dough roller.Attach the 4 circles outside the main circle.Place the big circle at the top of the crescent moon.Place the 2 small circles at its side then connect another 2 medium circles and the 2 large circles.Place the star at the center of the big circle.Paint the finish clay brooch with white color.Let it dry for a few minutes.Paint the main circle and the crescent moon with yellow color.Paint the 4 medium circles that place outside the main circle with red (Top), orange (left side), green (right side), and blue (bottom)Let it dry for a few minutes.Repeat Met…

☾ Usagi Tsukino ☽ Sailor Moon Classic 1992

Series: Sailor Moon
Character: Usagi Tsukino
Coser: Michiru Jackson
Date: June 8, 2014