Coscards/Curecards and Cosplay Poster

After cosplaying a number of characters, I 'am happy to announce that I finally release my first ever Cosplay Poster "Princess Neptune" together with the swift of my second Cosplay Poster "Michiru Kaioh" with the theme of Mugen Gakuen Summer Uniform. 
 I personally editing the details, the way that I wanted it be.

Moreover, I 'am glad too that my cure cards/coscards are already printed therefore I can able now to share them to my co-cosplayers.
Series: Sailor Moon
Character: Michiru Kaioh
Photo By: Bernard Garbo

Series: Death Note
Character: Misa Amane
Photo By: Khin Michael Jackson Photo Galleria

 Series: Code Geass
Character: Kaguya Sumeragi
Photo By: Khin Michael Jackson Photo Galleria

CosCards, Cure Cards, Cosplay Card, Cosplay Cure Cards

Old Cure Cards

Look what I've found in my Bookshelves ... My Old Cure Cards

I hope you like them all 

Thank you !!!


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