Sailor Neptune Suit

I’m just imperfect person and I don’t have a formal education in the field of dress making but I always give my best in sewing my very own costume. Since I experienced being a seamstress, I could say this is not an easy job that won’t take your time but it is a lot of analyzation and strong self-control to keep yourself perseverance. I did admit that I always made mistake and sometimes I’m irritated when I can’t figure out the accuracy of my work therefore I whisper to myself to stay calm because if I allow my being peeve, 100% for sure I can’t finish what I’ am doing.
Like what I said in my post before, my difficult costume I ever made was my Michiru Kaioh’s Mugen Gakuen School Uniform then here’s the another one my Sailor Neptune Suit. Yes, I’ am happy with the result of my work, everything was paid off.

Sailor Neptune Suit

Measuring, dividing, pinning, cutting and sewing with lots of confusion. I knew I wouldn’t get confused if I use a pattern but ever since I started sewing I never experience to make a pattern. I always grabbed the fabric then take a little sneak on the computer to see the details of the costume then yeah I begin.
 Sailor Neptune Bow

 Sailor Neptune Skirt Bow

Sailor Neptune Skirt

 Sailor Neptune Choker

Sailor Neptune Tiara

I have an old shoe that I don’t usually use so I decided to recolor it to make look likes Sailor Neptune shoes. Sometimes being creative is takes place.
 Sailor Neptune Shoes

Deep Aqua Mirror

 Sailor Neptune Suit


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